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We provide quick and hassle free loans to people with genuine need.


Presenting Digital Loans for All

Digital Lending ensures quick applicant verification, speedy documentation, Super fast disbursal and easy loan administration. We aim to serve our brethren who are today deprived of there "Right To Credit" by traditional banks and financial institutions.

We Fund

Leading Fin-tech startups.

Smart, innovative Fin-tech startups have always captured our attention and interest and we are eager to fund you if you are one of them.

Manufacturing Unit Workers

Employees working at various levels at reputed manufacturing units can avail unsecured personal loans for their needs.

Medical Needs

Existing Medical insurance & healthcare policies do not cover many ailments like dental complications and corrective procedures. We can help you to avail the best healthcare by financing such requirements.

Wedding Venues

Wedding venues are the most expensive spends in a wedding. We can help you rent and venue of your choice by financing the rent.

Typical Loan Offering.

2-5 Times your take home salary
3-24 Months Term
Flexible repayment and top-up options

Partnered Companies


We Support.

We work with your employer or service provider to understand your needs, quickly complete documentation and give you money when YOU need it.


Our model will smoothen and enrich the financial lives of millions of employed people in India who don’t have access to healthy credit even though they have a regular source of income.


By reaching out to you, collecting your application, doing the required verification and giving money to you digitally, we ensure that your needs are met at the quickest.


By offering loans at competitive interest rates and maintaining your repayment history, we make sure that you are on the path to a healthy credit rating while being able to borrow what you need, when you need it through us.

We Innovate.

If you are an organization or a business that feels we could work together to make your employees happier and healthier by providing financial wellness, we would love to talk. Drop us a note or call us and we will get in touch.
Phone No: 9243466235