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Terms and Conditions and Acceptance

The Customers (users) of Kalandri Capital using this site by implication, means that user have gone through and agreed and abide by following, disclaimer, Terms & Conditions

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You can create a unique ID on the Website for managing and transacting all financial and non-financial transactions with Kalandri capital Companies. One ID enables you to have a single login ID for viewing and transacting all your product and service needs across Kalandri capital Companies.

In case you forget the username or password, you can reset the same using the forgot username and password link available on the Website and completing the authentication procedure specified on the Website. 

Password Protection

You shall not be entitled to avail the facilities without the use of a user name and password. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and Account, and you shall not allow anyone else to use your password at any time. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur using your password or Account. You are requested to please notify www.kalandricapital.com immediately of any unauthorized use or access of your password or Account, or any other breach of security. The Website will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your password or account, either with or without your knowledge.

No Warranty

It is imperative to note that Kalandri Capital has taken required efforts to ensure that the information/ statement/ certificate provided on the Kalandri Capital’s Web Site is reasonably accurate, however, Kalandri Capital does not warrant its accuracy, completeness or suitability, correctness, adequacy validity, whatsoever for any purpose. As such database provided is without any warranty, express or implied, as to their legal effect.

No Liability to Kalandri Capital

Use of any information/statement/certificate on Kalandri Capital’s Web site shall be at your own risk.

All information/statements/certificates should be used in accordance with applicable laws. And Kalandri Capital does not undertake any kind of liability whatsoever for the same.

In case of transaction/ statement /certificate is not in agreement with your record or with the information that you have, you are requested to write to Kalandri Capital. You are free to mail your queries on dev@kalandricapital.com.

Kalandri Capital has provided information/data base on the Web Site on an “as is where is ” basis. Kalandri Capital expressly disclaims to the maximum limit permissible by law, all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limiting to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

General Terms and Conditions

The Borrower shall at all times adhere to the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and any amendments hereto.

The Borrower and Guarantor(s) are liable to repay the dues as per repayment schedule whether demanded or not.

The Lender shall have the right to appropriate the amounts paid by the Borrower in such manner, at the sole discretion of the Lender.

The Borrower / Guarantor shall be liable to pay / bear all taxes including GST that may be applicable from time to time.

The Lender shall at any time, at its absolute discretion have the right to combine or consolidate or divide into two or more of any of the accounts of the Borrower accounts with the Lender and/or set-off or transfer or appropriate any sum or sums standing in the credit of any one or more of such accounts in or towards part or full satisfaction of the liabilities of the Borrower on any other account or any respect.

Nothing contained herein shall prejudice or adversely affect any general or special lien or right to set-off to which the Lender is or may by law or otherwise be entitled, or any rights or remedies of the Lender including in respect of any present or future security, guarantee, obligations of the Borrower.

It is hereby accepted by the Parties that the amounts stated by the Lender as due from the Borrower, shall be final and conclusive proof of the correctness of any sum claimed by the Lender to be due from the Borrower in respect of this Agreement, a statement of account made out from the books of the Lender, without production of any voucher, documents or other papers whether in support thereof or otherwise and the Parties hereby agree that the same shall not be disputed by the Borrower and /or the Guarantor(s).

The right of the Lender to recover the dues from the Borrower shall be exercised either by the Lender or its authorized representatives and the Borrower hereby agrees to the same.

The Lender shall be entitled to assign / securitize its receivables from the Borrower and the Borrower and/or the Guarantor(s) hereby consent to the Lender exercising such right.

The Borrower shall not give or pay to the Guarantor(s) or any other person who agrees to incur any obligation for the Borrower in favour of the Lender, any monies or other consideration or remuneration, whether by way of commission, brokerage or fee or in any other form whatsoever or howsoever for giving or confirming the personal guarantee or obligation.

The Borrower shall during business hours permit the Lender to inspect the place of business or his residence and also agrees to produce any documents / additional documents as may be required by the Lender from time to time. Further, the Borrower and the Guarantor hereby agrees to permit the Lender and its authorized representatives to contact / meet the Borrower / Guarantor at their place of residence for collection of dues under this Agreement.

The Borrower agrees to pay all the applicable charges as per schedule together with all taxes as may be applicable from time to time.

Without prejudice to any other rights available to the Lender, in the event the Borrower commits a default in the repayment of the Loan, the Lender at its sole discretion shall make an application to the Adjudicating Authority (as defined in the Code) and proceed under the Insolvency and the Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (“Code”) in order to realize the Loan Amount along with interest.

The Borrower and Guarantor hereby agree that the Borrower may seek any further loan facility from the Lender and any such further loan granted by the Lender to the Borrower shall be repaid by the Borrower / Guarantor on terms that may be communicated by the Lender to the Borrower / Guarantor from time to time. For this purposes, the Parties hereby agree that any confirmation for further loan facility as confirmed and accepted by the Borrower over the phone is binding on the Borrower and that the Borrower / Guarantor agrees to repay such loans granted based on oral confirmation (voice call), together with interest, month on month by way of equated monthly instalments as may be communicated by the Lender.

The Borrower and Guarantor(s) shall bear all costs and other expenses incurred in relation to the completion of this Agreement and in complying with the terms and Borrower Guarantor (s) conditions of this Agreement, including any and all costs incurred in connection with this Agreement.

The Borrower and Guarantor(s) hereby confirm their liability and shall reimburse / pay any tax that the Lender may have to pay to the Government, in respect of the transactions under this Agreement

The Borrower and the Guarantor(s) hereby authorise the Lender at the cost and risk of the Borrower to engage one or more person(s) / agencies to verify any fact or information furnished by, concerning and pertaining to the Borrower and Guarantor(s) and collect the outstanding amount and / or to enforce any security and may furnish to such person/s such documents, information, facts and figures as it may deem fit.

Any claim, demands, actions, costs, expenses and liabilities incurred or suffered by the Lender by reason of non-payment or insufficient payment of stamp duty by the Borrower on this Agreement and the documents and any other writings or documents which may be executed by the Borrower pursuant to or in relation to this Agreement, will be to the cost of the Borrower.

The Borrower hereby undertakes to reimburse / pay charges as per Schedule 3 here below to the Lender for every visit by the representative of the Lender to the premises of the Borrower for collection of the dues outstanding from time to time.

Product Type

Personal Loan Salaried

Delayed EMI Payment Interest ( per month of delay, every month)

As stated under additional interest charge**

Collection of Cheque/Cash (per collection)


Cheque /ECS dishonoured Charges (per dishonour of cheque/ECS per presentation)


Swap Charges- for replacement of Post-dated cheques to ECS (per instance)


Swap Charges- for replacement of ECS to ECS (per instance)


Loan Cancellation charges (loan cancelled before first EMI)


Document Retrieval Charges/copy of Property/Loan Agreement papers /List of Documents


Duplicate NOC/ NOC Revalidation


Processing Fees

Up to 6.5% of the Loan Amount

CERSAI charges


*Additional Interest (applicable for payment defaults): On the Principal amounts outstanding under the Loan payable from the relevant due date until the date of actual payment / rectification of default.

**Additional Interest (applicable for payment defaults) 0.75% per month on the outstanding principal loan amount (for both salaried and self-employed Personal Loans).

***Additional Interest (applicable for payment defaults) An amount not exceeding zero point five(0.5) per cent per annum on the Principal amounts outstanding under the Loan payable from the relevant due date until the date of actual payment / rectification of default.

Rate of interest conversion fee – an amount not exceeding one (1) per cent of the loan amount sanctioned (Loan against Property/LRD)